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Our quotes are taken from the tour surveys that have been provided by customers who have elected to provide their comments in writing to the company rather than through Trip Advisor.


Thank you for your input.  We look forward to serving you again!  Please feel free to refer our company to your friends and colleagues.

May 2016  - The Dinearound was excellent.  It was the best of my tours.  The food, the music...everything was fun-filled and great.

G.Von Thomas

February, 2013

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your quality sevice.  Floirda Cultural Tours made our groups experience one they will not soon forget.  From the arranging of everything, festival, tour and fabulous food - we really enjoyed our day.  Both parents and kids alike are still raving about the trip.  We are all looking forward to another trip/tour in the near future.  Sincerely, Nawa Fung-Lyen

Jack & Jill of America, Miami Chapter

We will definitely be coming back.  The personal touch was real.....down to earth.  It was great.  We had a great experience.  There is nothing we would change of improve at this time.

Velasquez, Alejandro

July 22, 2011

The tour was very organized.  You were informative and stayed on the agenda.  The service at the restaurant (Tropical Island) was very good.  The tour guide was friendly and courteous.  Keep growing, you're doing a wonderful job. I will be glad to refer you to my friends.

Brooke Hobbs Family Reunion Coordinator

July 13, 2011

We enjoyed the convenience of not having to drive!  I just wish we had had more time in the gardens.  It would have been nicer if we had someone who spoke Spanish.  I am not an outdoor person but the lake was nice.

Brenda Manzo

MAY 12, 2011

- I enjoyed the stories during the boat tour.  We could have had more time to visit downtown and see more of the museum

-I loved the museum

-The tour was different with the historical focus.  It was not the typical "tourist" stuff

- I would change nothing....keep the tour as it is.

- I loved the commentary of the tour staff.  The guide was very enthusiastic!


May 8, 2011

"We loved the 'personal touch', as we toured the African American Community".  My wife and I felt very comfortable. 

Terry Freeman