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Most Tourists Don't See
About Us

FLORIDA CULTURAL TOURS began as a means of taking Mohammed to the mountain, in our attempt to bring the tourists of Orlando and surrounding areas into Central Florida to see what most tourists don't see.  The first tour we created was an economical African American History Tour to explore the contributions of  African American to the development of Central Florida, and of what has become one of the major tourist destinations of the world. We then began to expand our tour offerings to include a more diverse educational and cultural experience. 

The tours featured on this site are sponsored by FLORIDA CULTURAL TOURS with the assistance of the community resources that are a part of the tour.  

Our attitude, framed by the slogan "CAN-DO WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN", is the cornerstone of our philosophy as it relates to excellence in customer service. We believe in providing the best in service whether we are doing a corporate, personal family or church tour.  The best in service means, clean vehicles, on time service and a pleasurable tour experience for our clients. We derive our pleasure from serving you.

As the President, I invite you to "Come ride the bus with us and share the "City Beautiful" from a new perspective.  There is more here to see than the Mouse!"  "See the Florida Most Tourists Don't See"..We look forward to seeing you on our tours.   Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to serving you!

Orine S. Newton, President